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Why Some Muslim Girls don’t Wear Hijab

There are a lot of contradictions for the girls who don’t prefer to wear Hijab. When you are in any western country and they see other Muslim girls wearing Hijab, the first question that comes to their mind is that why are they wearing Hijab, or if not why isn’t that girl who I know belongs to the religion of Islam but does not wear Hijab.


A Personal Choice:

Well first of all, Hijab is for Muslim females to cover themselves from any non related adult male. It is there to keep the protected and safe from the outside world.

but since the world has took a modern turn, people who have full knowledge of Islam still don’t consider to wear Hijab because of various reasons or it is could be their personal reason. Islam does not restrict any woman to wear Hijab, it is considered to be a personal choice of a Muslim girl Hijab to wear it or not. It is a big and hard decision because once you take this decision, you do have to stay firm on it.


Haven’t Made the Decision Yet:

Non Muslims do not have enough knowledge of the religion Islam so they believe what they see. It is not necessary that if a Muslim girl does not wear Hijab isn’t aware of her religion. It does not mean that she is against Hijab; she might decide to wear Hijab at some point of her life but not now.

It is not suitable for the people to judge people by their appearance. Even if you practice your religion everyday and do not consider wearing Hijab then no one can force you. Anything that is done by force faces hatred and antipathy always. So, never look at the Muslim girls hjab so negatively if they do not consider wearing Hijab.


Argument on Muslim girls not wearing Hijab

A lot of times people do argue that what made that other Muslim girl wear Hijab and not you. This question is asked repeatedly. Everyone has their own personal choice and if someone does not want to wear Hijab then it is okay it will be under her book and only she will be the one bearing the consequences if any.

People just love to contradict even if they don’t have enough knowledge. Today, I ask that if a Muslim brother wears Arabic attire and someone calls them a terrorist, they would response offensively that do not judge me from my cloths, and I am only a Muslim. Doesn’t this explains in simple words that do not judge the non hijab sisters too quick, have the full knowledge first and everyone has the right to keep a personal choice and that is what most of the women do nowadays.

You have to think out of the box and broad in respect of women. A Muslim is well aware of his or her actions, but if you cant say something about someone they it is better not to pass judgment comments on them either.