Styles of Hijab

Evening/Special events require someone to dress in a sophisticated and elegant way-that’s why it is good for all of us to have at least one classy outfit to wear just in case we might get invited somewhere in the last minute.

Although I believe nearly all of us, women, have more than five classy dresses in our wardrobe, when it comes to elegant and embellished Hijab, many fail to wear something that suits to the event, dress and of course, personal choice.

Maybe you don’t mind wearing an embellished Hijab filled with rhinestones and lace, while others want to keep it simple even when wearing a classy dress. But one thing is for sure, the styles below suit nearly everyone.

-Maybe dark colors don’t flatter you, but this gorgeous green classy hijab would totally match with your personality. Decorate it with beautiful rhinestones such as the ones in this picture.

-While rhinestones might be great, there are also small embellishments such as these cute bows which I think suit to young girls.

Nude Hijab colors are the definition of class and elegance and nothing better than a nude satin embellished hijab can make you look perfect for evening events.

Cute bow, leopard prints and golden shimmery hijab all in one. Although it is super cute I find it a bit over the top to my style but hey, this might look great on you!

-Very easy and trendy. perfect to wear daily also.

-I love embellished Hijab as well as it’s color. Really lovely

-You can use a simple brooch to style your hijab also. It doesn’t have to be just crystals and shimmer;you can keep it simple with a brooch and look stunning!

Quick Hijab Without Pins

Hijab picture tutorials have become very popular and if you web search them you will see hundred different styles!

But the truth is that some of them look so easy on the picture but when you try to actually do them yourself, most of us have it difficult and that’s not because we don’t follow the pictures right, but some of them just look nice on the picture only!

no pins hijab

It has been awhile I keep searching for an Hijab tutorial that is simple, effective, unique, gorgeous and most important: it doesn’t require any pins!

Don’t get me wrong, pins are very important and help all of us keep our Hijabs on the right place but sometimes it can get annoying having your Hijab filled with so many pins! And let’s not forget that I keep buying pins every two week because I simply don’t remember where I left them!

But this tutorial below helps you say goodbye to pins and all the other ‘difficult’ tutorials that all they do is get you frustrating.

This tutorial is different in so many levels and I have already tried it myself and is going to be my newest look! It takes less than a minute to wear and I absolutely love it!

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