Is Shake Shack Halal?

Humble origins can be the catalyst for some of the greatest good done in the world. Shake Shack is a company that can trace its origins from a small hot dog cart, to its current status as a successful company with a penchant for supporting good causes. Not only do they serve good causes, but they also serve good food.

It has come to our attention that there are conflicting rumors about the permissibility (halal) of the food served at Shake Shack. Some think their food is Halal (similar to Elevation Burger), others believe it to be Haram. We at Halal Hub have done our due diligence and looked into this matter so as to provide clarity on the permissibility of Shake Shack’s food.

Why Shack Shack could be “Haram”: Their meat is not slaughtered according to the rites of Zabihah. They serve haram foods such as pork in the form of bacon and alcohol in the form of beer and wine.

Conclusion: Shake Shack has been confirmed to not be halal (in our opinion) due to their use of non-Zabihah meats and haram foods (pork and alcohol). It is our opinion that any foods served at Shake Shack that could contain these foods should be avoided. As this is most of their food the only thing that can be eaten there would be their desserts (and a veggie patty they also serve). Shake Shack also stated on their twitter, that their meat is sourced from multiple companies (one of which is in fact halal) however it is not separated as halal or not. Therefore, when eating it would be impossible to determine if you are eating a Zabihah versus non-Zabihah burger.

Please note: there are varying opinions on what is deemed as “halal”. Our declaration is done so under the circumstance that it is not “zabihah”.

Statement made by Shake Shack provided below:

The meat in our Middle East Shacks is 100% halal, but meat in the US and UK isn’t halal or kosher. (Source)