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Dedication to Halal Certification for Restaurants

We begin with a regular leaf. A leaf, that has the ability to manufacture oxygen and glucose from the command of Allah, sustains and nourishes both plants and animals. It may be seen as small and simple; though, it has great effect on the environment we live in by purifying the air and the surroundings.

Taking into consideration the intricacy of the leaf, we continue to a palm tree. A palm tree eludes to a comfortable environment in the blistering heat of the deserts. The shade provided by the trees is overwhelmingly replenishing.

When commanded by Allah, dates grow out of the palm trees as well as providing the people with great way to nourish their hunger.

Our Dedication to Halal Certifications

Halal Hub is dedicated to certify the food that is eaten on a regular basis from any halal restaurant in accordance to the strict standards of the various opinions reviewed by an Advisory Board consisting of experts on this topic.

To learn more about what this certificate entails and how this could improve the standard of one’s restaurant and the restaurants one eats at in addition to choosing Halal Hub and why Halal Hub is best for restaurant certification please click here.

To learn what is actually Zabihah, Halal, and Tayyab to eat in accordance to the standards of the various opinions researched and reviewed by the advisory board please stay posted.

The steps to obtain certification and our plan to certify restaurants around the United States along with a link to request our representatives to certify your restaurant are soon to come.

HalalGuide strives to ensure that the food we eat is pure and that it is cooked in a clean and sustainable environment.

The HalalGuide symbol uses this specific leaf in order to express the company’s values. We value comfort and making sure that restaurants and food providers create this environment for the people so that when they do decide to rest at the restaurant under its ‘shade’ while eating its ‘dates’ and quenching their thirst from the ‘oasis.’

History shows that the use of symbols is a powerful tool for creating a lasting impression on the minds and hearts of people. Everyday, the average person comes across thousands of symbols that create a link between a product and the image. With the green leaf in mind, HalalGuide links the leaf, which represents sustainability, with Halal Food Certification as it is necessary for halal food to be ensured on a regular basis as being edible.

HalalGuide is dedicated towards the advocacy of what “halal” defines. When one sets sight on the Halal Hub Leaf symbol on a product, rest assured that the product is certified halal by Halal Hub. Likewise, when you walk into a restaurant and come across the Halal Leaf, eat with the comfort that Halal Hub has certified their claim of being halal according to our strict standards.