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Different Types of Hijab

Most people think hijab is only for women. In fact hijab applies to both men and women. It can also apply to places or inanimate objects like a home or property.

Hijab for Men

Hijab does not only mean “head scarf” or the traditional long dress muslim women wear. The word “Hijab” literally means to cover up or hide. This can be applied to many different things including our body.

According to Islam, men must cover their bodies from the navel to the knees. The clothing also should not be so tight that it defines the private parts of our body. The clothing must not be see-through either to to be considered to be “hijab”.

We already know how Hijab can be applied to what we wear, but it doesn’t stop there.

Hijab can also apply to what we look at with our eyes. So a man lowering his gaze when he sees a women, is also a type of Hijab.

Hijab for Our Homes

Our homes should be a place of privacy and security. Another type of hijab can apply to our property and our privacy.

For instance using drapes or curtains to cover our windows is a type of Hijab. A closed door protects our privacy and provides us with a type of “Hijab” as well.

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