Gateway to Learning Quranic Arabic

On the conclusion of the tajweed lessons I had a strong desire to want to learn Arabic language.  When we made consultation with the scholar he had concerns about us committing to the course, we reassured him that we would commit.

After some active recruitment 8 students put themselves forward for the course, which was excellent news; however I was strongly concerned that this would be much tougher than the tajweed and require a much more level of concentration and commitment and consequently would have a higher drop off rate.  Nevertheless we continued.

The course material that the scholar is teaching from is “Gateway to Arabic” by Dr. Imran Hamza Alawiye.  Apparently there are 7 booklets in the series and we intend to cover each one as we go along.  Currently we are into week 2, however the scholar is away in the Path of Allah for 2 weeks which gives us time to revise.

Best Teaching Methods for Students

The most outstanding thing for is that some of the stuff I have covered previously on my own, however it is complete enlightenment when studied with a teacher.  There were things that I had gone over before many times but could not get it, however once the scholar explains this in a sentence or paragraph I totally get; and the feeling was shared also by the rest of the students.  It goes to show that the quality of teacher-student learning methods just cannot be replaced.

There is one of the students who is getting very much exciting and spear heading before all of us, really getting his head down and learning; utilizing every spare moment for revision and studies and that is alongside the rest of his religious duties.

The first booklet will be spread over 12 weeks at about 1/1.5 hours a week, but similar to the tajweed and more intensely there have been number of breakout sessions throughout the weeks; mainly because it isand therefore the scholar has not been teaching in the evening.

Booklets and Cost of Learning

The course is not free and just the 1st booklet is costing $70, one of the brothers consequently dropped out, well that’s my feeling behind it; however if he had made it apparent we would be willing to negotiate free places if someone shows the commitment needed.

Two brothers who attending the tajweed have struggled to keep up and although have mentioned that they want to continue are struggling to keep.

In the finality there will be 3/4 brothers that complete the first booklet and 2/3 that will consequently go on to finish the entire course.  The scholar believes that if we reach the forth booklet we should be able to make good sentences and converse in Arabic and read the Quran with the basic meanings.  And that’s all that matters mainly for me, to read the Quran with meaning would be nothing short of the greatest achievement that I could attain in this lifetime InshAllah.